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Sonoff tools

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Sonoff, a smart wifi switch, which you can buy for appr. In the most online tutorials the jumperwires are in different order, but in my case the purple and yellow are switched, This is explaned there too. While holding down the button on the Sonoff long black pin next to ledconnect the USB to your computer. This bring the Sonoff in programming mode. When downloading the latest stable firmware versionthe download included also the flash tool:.

Leave the 3. In some cases the new wifi hotspot is not visible, a restart of the Sonoff the device is required. Start your browser on this device and go to a random webpage.

Normally it will go directly to the start page of the ESP easy configuration. Here the available wifi networks are displayed and you have to select your wifi network and add your own wifi password.

The Sonoff will reboot and get an ip address from your router. The same webpage will show you the new ip address of the Sonoff. The device phone, tablet will disconnect automatically. In the next steps, the basic necessary steps are showed, and how to switch the Sonoff via http commands.

Here we will define a script, so we can call it via a http command. When pressing the button on the Sonoff, the internal relais will be controlled, including the led. Thank you for the detailed instructions! I have another newer? It uses a CH chip so it needs to have the CH driver installed before connecting. Hopefully this will be of use to someone.

By default you use them with an app from iTead, but by installing new firmware on the microcontroller you make the device open for your own systems. That is what we are going to do in this DIY. The device appears to be based on an ESP microcontroller and we know what to do with it. Search there on esp and install esp Open the sonoff. Open the Sonoff module and connect pins Open the housing of the Sonoff module by pushing a screwdriver in the split next to the green screw terminal until the plate at the bottom comes loose.

That way you break the warranty label at least, we suspect that it is, something is printed on it. You do not use the hole furthest from the button. The other four are from closest to the button to further from the button 3. On some usb-to-ttl break-out boards you can set this with a jumper on the right pins.

At a break-out sign you look at the indications at the pins. Now connect the pins as shown in the table opposite. To connect the pins reliably, you have to solder a header on the holes in the circuit board of the Sonoff Basic WiFi switch. If you do not want to make that effort, try to push the jumperwires of the usb-to-ttl cable slightly diagonally into the holes of the Sonoff Basic so that they make contact.

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But that did not work reliably enough for us, so we took the trouble to solder the header on the Sonoff Basic. Give each Sonoff module in your house a unique name. You can also define a second Wi-Fi network. These are the most important amendments.Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

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Labels 8 Milestones 0 New issue. Sonoff Mini doesn't go into DIY mode with 3. Sonoff Mini with Tasmota 8. Compatibility and visibility problems on Win 10 72 opened Mar 18, by PhillyGilly.

Sonoff NEW DIY Mode easier Tasmota flashing - home automation

D1 Dimmer 69 opened Feb 2, by sandeep-ma. DIY Tool does not see the Mini switch. Both laptop and sonoff mini connected on same network - software doesn't find anything 65 opened Dec 31, by Sci-Fi-Si. Sonoff Mini will not connect to hotspot 63 opened Dec 4, by PierreScerri. Sonoff mini dead after flashing tasmota in DIY mode 62 opened Nov 28, by checcopilo.

No Firmware upgrade in ewelink 60 opened Nov 11, by rocksolid DIY mode: add api token 59 opened Nov 8, by supersh Device ID in payload seems to be unneeded, remove it. Sonoff mini V 3. How set sledOnline parameter?

Sonoff R3 DIY mode & why it sucks

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SONOFF RFR3 - WIFI DIY Smart RF Control Switch

Email to a Friend. Be the first one to review this product. Amazingly, it has a DIY mode that is the firmware can be user-defined. Built-in a web server that exposes the REST AP, which allows you to connect the switch with your existing home automation system.

sonoff tools

For example, prepare your coffee maker in the evening, and a cup of coffee is ready for you in the next morning. Compatible with the IFTTT function, and you can make more actions happen to trigger other devices, or receive a notification on your phone once the action was triggered.

A convenient option that is share control is capable of allowing you to manage the same device with your family or friends together, simply share it on the eWeLink app to try. Amazingly, the module with unique DIY function, the way you can assemble it with your ordinary appliances to turn them into intelligent. Only registered customers who has bought this product can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Forgot Password Login or registration.

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sonoff tools

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Can connect an old phone to make it monitor and control devices. Add to cart.

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Write Your Own Review Only registered customers who has bought this product can write reviews. Recent History Empty. Related Blog.Very clean solution. I burnt a Sonoff with my first attempt :- Now I am reprogramming them wirelessly with Sonota. You do not need to open the enclosure either! I will look into it. You shouldn't do this. Mains powered electrical devices need to be double insulated or earthed.

The Sonoff is double insulated and the plastic case is one of the insulation layers. By running low voltage wiring from the circuit board through the case you are bypassing that layer of insulation which changes the Sonoff from safe to unsafe.

Ken Taylor, of course you are correct. There is a risk created here and I can update the blog to reiterate that. The typical approach is to tuck any wiring soldered for programming purposes back into the plastic case, thus keeping the double insulation intact. OTA programming is also possible on the sonoff, so its possible the need to program directly via serial is not needed often. Thanks for keeping us honest.

Instead of a hole, the programming interface could stay inside the case and the case opened to reprogram. That requires undoing four screws every time the device is to be reprogrammed but doesn't compromise safety. The line i. I just used segments of female jumper wires soldered in and tucked inside the enclosure thanks to all the comments abovewhich is just fine for updating the code whenever as that's not needed often.

Post a Comment. Hacking the Sonoff Wifi Switch - Part 1. The release of the ESP has generated a lot of interest in the microcontroller community. One significant reason ESP based devices are taking off is due to the fact that Arduino libraries have been created and are well maintained. Sonoff Wifi Switches, which are based on the ESP, are getting a lot of attention and for good reason. They are cheap and very hackable.

I should mention that Sonoff has its own cloud service for controlling these wireless switches. Go to Part 2 Go to Part 3.Sonoff Basic line just got upgraded. Both devices are compatible with DIY mode, something I mentioned a while back. I noticed that people praise the Sonoff DIY mode for completely wrong reasons. A closer look is needed. Both devices are basically the iterations of well known and respected Sonoff Basic which is an ESP based relay. Unfortunately, this is not over.

When Sonoff R3 is powered on while the jumper is installed, it will try to connect to the following WiFi credentials:. To change this, you will need to create a hotspot with these credentials on your phone or use the guest network if your router supports itthen download the special DIY tool on your computer. It was time to see if I can issue commands. At first, the official documentation was very poor.

I struggled to send the requests until a new version of the firmware got released 3. Since then the docs have been updated a fair bit and they are finally useful. Now that sucks! Sonoff R3 hosts a server using port and the available URLs are:.

Just enter these details in the inject node and these will be saved as your flow variables. I have formatted the request so you can simply inject different types of payload and topic configuration. The response is a JSON formatted payload.

And you receive the status update that contains the most useful info about the Sonoff R3 status and the current configuration:. This will enable the relay for a short time then automatically turn the relay off. To use the setting you have to enable it and provide the pulse duration in ms and increments of in the range of — 36 GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. What I don't get - Itead publish the source code with syntax errors, and tell the users to follow their source code - but not their documentation?

I solved the problem by trying to run Python version. I had to install first QT and Python 3. After that I almost managed to run but python version did not work. I ALSO had to disable ethernet adapter help executable to find my device. Window 10 64bit. Thanks for making this. Still easier with this tool than soldering 15 sonoff mini's :.

I installed python and "open source tools" from the qt.

sonoff tools

This solved the problem for me as well. I had to revert back to version of Windows 10 to solve this issue. There is obviously a compatibility issue with version Well, then it would be very helpful if someone could find out exactly which Firewall setting does the trick.

I tried to run the Tool on two different clean installed Windows 10 Dell computers, and it failed on both with the same error message.

It wasn't until I tried on the "older" Windows 10 versionthat everything worked. I started writing my own.

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I've just released EspBuddy v2. This is a command line tool written in php that only require python 3. Once the IP address and ID is discovered, it no longer require python, just php. I've made minimal tests on Windows, but if someone want to try it out, it might do the job easily. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link Quote reply.As a reputable brand, SONOFF specializes in the design and manufacturing of the latest Appliances, combining strong performance at an excellent price.

With its ambitious goal to deliver exceptional technology products at affordable prices, the company continues to impress and delight users. The is an excellent product for DIY enthusiast. I wanted to manage the usage on my fridge and need a device which can do it, And i found this one.

Its very easy to install just plug in the wires and thats all. The app can be downloaded from the play store and is also very good with all the features.

I can switch off the device remotely as well. It also has overload protection as well. Highly recommended. Thanks gearbest. Very good smart switch from sonoff.

I bought it to control the sprinkler system and the lights in my yard. I have the sprinkler valves connect to a dc 24v and the lights on v and it works with both currents. It works perfect true the app and u can make tone of different scenarios for the 4 channels. The remote is also very nice and for older people who find it difficult to use phone apps. Build quality seams very good for the money and i recommend the switch to every one.

You can replace their firmwares with many free options to suit your needs.

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The shipping was so fast. The product looks so amazing, very minimalist style.

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My only problem: I needed to call an electrician to the installing if you have skill for this you neednt This is our kitchen switch, and because it compatible our Alexa, when my hands are full, I have to say "light on" and thats enough. Easy to install and setup. The only concern is it keeps on reconnecting to wifi router router is good and new and good internet connection.

It reconnects almost every hour. Planning to buy more for other switches. I received my Sonoff RF Bridge within 20 days, this is really fast delivery to our country. The product works as expected, thanks to the supplier! Very qood equipment for your automations. I can function Sonoff RF Gateway. Ottimo prodotto per "smartizzare" la propria abitazione. Acquisto consigliato.

This product is a bargain. Easy setup and works perfectly with Led bulbs. Highly recommend. The best. It works so good. O produto e bom chegou no prazo O produto e bom chegou no prazo. I tried to clear the code on the remote, but I can't.

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